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About Elevate

Elevate is a project initiated by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the UK. You can find out more about the Bahá'í Faith in the UK on the official website. Elevate provides resources to support a movement of growing spiritual consciousness for all people from all religious and cultural backgrounds. The goal is to encourage elevated conversations, collective worship and actions in our communities and neighborhoods which can slowly change our lives for the better. 

Elevate's collections make it simple and easy to invite friends to an uplifting space where inspirational material can be shared. Download the material and enjoy a beautiful moment with friends and loved ones, online or in person. You are encouraged to creatively adapt these materials so they best suit the needs of those attending. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use these resources?
    1. To get started, download a collection which connects to your heart. Our collections are provided in PDF format for an aesthetically pleasing presentation. A PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) will be needed to view and share these collections; an internet browser can also be used. ​ 2. Open the PDF file to check it's working. Open a video-calling app and invite your friends for a call. You can also print out the PDF for in-person gatherings. 3. You are encouraged to creatively adapt these materials so they best suit the needs of those attending. This can be done most easily by using the methods suggested in the "how do i customise collections?" section. ​ 4. If you're sharing your screen in a video call, share the PDF window. Look for "Full Screen Mode" under the "View" menu. Alternatively, press "Ctrl + L" on your keyboard if you're using Adobe Acrobat, "Ctrl + F" on your Mac, or "F11" if you're on your Internet browser. ​ 5. Use the arrow keys to navigate pages of the collections. ​ 6. To exit full screen mode, press "Esc" or the same combination used to enter full screen mode. Remember to stop screen sharing on your video-calling app. ​ If you're still a little unsure, take a look at these video tutorial for Windows or for Mac which should give you better idea of what this process looks like in action!
  • How do I customise collections?
    You are encouraged to creatively adapt these materials so they best suit the needs of those attending. There are two ways that you can edit our collections: 1. Using a Text Editor If you would like more flexibility, you can simply "copy" and "paste" the text from our collections into a word processer (such as Microsoft Word) in order to create your own custom programme. We are also rolling out plain text versions of the themes. 2. Using a PDF Editor For more advanced users, feel free to customise our collections by extracting, deleting or re-organise the pages in our collections directly in a PDF Editor. 1. Decide on the pages you would like to select 2. With the PDF open, select "Print". A printing dialogue box should open 3. For "Printer" select "Adobe PDF" or similar PDF printer 4. Enter the pages you would like to keep under the "Pages to Print" section 5. Select "Choose paper source by PDF page size" 6. Select Print and choose a name and location for your new document which will only contain the pages you have chosen
  • How can I make the collections easier to read and more printer-friendly?
    If you find it difficult to read or print our collections with the background, you can quickly and easily disable it by completing the following steps: 1. Open the collection in a PDF Reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader) 2. On the left-hand panel, select "Layers" 3. All Elevate Collections have a "Background" layer, which can be disabled. Click the eye icon next to the layer named "Background" to disable it
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