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Our recent collection on 
Finding Purpose through Work

sparked the creative submissions shown here - arts & crafts can be a great way to work through complex themes, such as the tensions which may exist between our professional lives and our own interests, purpose, and talents. If you're feeling inspired to work through a tough theme in an expressive way, share it with us and help to inspire others!

If you're having a hard time figuring out where to start with creating something, try using inspirational quote to get an idea of what you'd like to do! Here is a beautiful example of a creation made based on the quote: "We hear that thou hast in mind to embellish thy house from time to time with a meeting of Bahá’ís, where some among them will engage in glorifying the All-Glorious Lord… Know that shouldst thou bring this about, that house of earth will become a house of heaven, and that fabric of stone a congress of the spirit."

There is no end to the fun that can be had with finger-puppets. Relatively quick and easy to make, these puppets could be the perfect basis for a Zoom activity which has groups of participants making funny scenraios, one-act plays, or expressions of themes being explored.

Story-telling is an ancient and universal creative expression - anyone can do it, and everyone has a story to share! Take your time to prepare a moving, inspirational or funny story and share it with others.

Here's a link for a great online tool to play around with patterns and colours. This could be great for creating geometric patterns as a creative activity for a Zoom group, or to decorate postcards that you could send to loved ones and neighbors!

Here's a submission Elevate received of a drawing of a door in Mautby Church, Norfolk done in pen, brush, and ink.

Take some time in peaceful focus to make an origami crane. All you need is a piece of paper and some patience! These cranes could make a simple gift to brighten someone's day.

We're all missing our favourite places, but one activity which allows us to celebrate our local landmarks is drawing. One fun group activity could be to draw places in your area in which remind you of something inspiring - maybe an act of kindness, a feeling of tranquility, or a funny story which happened the last time you were there. At the very least, all you need is a paper and pen! This could be great to share over a Zoom call or in any of your community activities.  
Here's a submission Elevate received of a drawing of a door in Mautby Church, Norfolk done in pen, brush, and ink.

Here are some beautiful pressed flower cards that can be used for printing out or keeping digital and sending beautiful messages to friends, family and neighbors during lockdown! Just click on the photos to download high quality versions to print out and make your own.

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Card designs Bahai News01052020.jpg

If you're interested in making cards for your neighbors, or just want a fun activity at home, look no further than the wonderful world of stamps. Here you can learn how to make your own custom stamps using a potato!


A beautiful illustration commissioned by Elevate which might make a great colouring activity for the little ones. The virtues which all the kids are reaching for in the drawing might spark some excellent discussion over biscuits and crayons. Just click on the picture to access the high-quality printable.


Celebrate some heroes of the past by creating a beautiful expression. Here's an example of one submission which was created to honour inspiring Baháʼí women of the past.