"All the nations of the world have to investigate after truth independently and turn their eyes from the moribund blind imitations of the past ages entirely. Truth is one when it is independently investigated, it does not accept division. Therefore the independent investigation of truth will lead to the oneness of the world of humanity."

- ‘Abdu’l-Bahá



◈ What are some dichotomies which arise when thinking about caring for and prioritising our natural environment as modern humans?

◈ Are there alternative viewpoints which may see these dichotomies as non-existent or false? What characterises these viewpoints?

◈ What are the environmental implications of humanity entering an "age of maturity"? 

◈ What does it look like to care for the environment in our own household and neighborhood?

◈ What small patterns of action can we put into practice this week that would ensure a sustainable, and regenarative future for the earth and humanity?



Imagine, if you would, a world where practically all of the knowledge humanity has generated over the ages is instantly at your finger-tips.  Where hundreds of millions of volumes of text can fit into your pocket. 

Where you can instantly be alerted of an event that occured on the other side of the planet, or even some other planet.

You might have thought that such advances would have brought humanity more clarity of thought, perhaps a greater appreciation for knowledge. Yet, from one angle, our present age and especially our current decade, continues to be afflicted by  an increasing confusion around the tools that we use to receive and share information.

A popular documentary has recently highlighted the harmful systems which have emerged from some of these tools.

Truth is a complex subject, and an ancient challenge. As we grow in our abilities to share and process information we must also develop our capacities to investigate, discern, and establish truth. As the planet cotninues to shrink and people of differing cultural contexts come together, we must learn to consult and share differing opinions, and build together in search of truth.

With this collection, Elevate hopes to begin to probe at some of the fascinating questions around truth, media, technology and our relationship with all of them. Where do you go when you're hungry for truth?

For those who might like to take a deeper dive into the subject of how technology shapes out social reality,
this paper might be a good starting point. 

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