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"Ye must become brilliant lamps! Ye must shine as stars radiating the light of love toward all mankind. May you be the cause of love amongst the nations... Make peace with all the world. Love everybody; serve everybody"




◈ What are the hallmarks of true friendship?

◈ What are the powers which friendship unlocks? Which qualities are easier to express with friends than when we are alone?

◈ How do we ensure that we are truly befriending those with backgrounds and opinions different to our own? How can we seek truth together?


Friendship can take on so many beautiful forms that bring people together in many different ways. C.S Lewis once said that “friends look in the same direction”; our friendships can be based on similar interests or sharing a unified vision. This can lead to incredible movements of people in world-embracing projects, or two friends sharing an uplifting love in simple acts of kindness. We see this expressed creatively in poetry, short story, in film, music and art. Some of the poems selected here find beauty in the mundane aspects of friendship whilst others highlight the universal importance in treating all as friends. In one story, friendship “doesn’t discriminate with age or background”. We see this again in the short film "Bottle", depicting the unlikely friendship between snow and sand on different sides of the earth. Their desire to connect and share their differences is a nice reminder that it can often be what makes us different that bring us together to do amazing things.


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