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Recognising interconnectedness
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" Shed the light of a boundless love on every human being whom you meet, whether of your country, your race, your political party, or of any other nation, colour or shade of political opinion. "

- ‘Abdu’l-Bahá



◈ How does recognising the interconnectedness of people change the way we deal with others?
◈How does recognising the interconnectedness of problems change the way we approach solving them?
◈What can we do to prevent becoming disheartened or apathetic once we see that some problems are complex and interlinked? 
◈What practical steps can we take in our daily lives to make others aware of interconnectedness?



The Universe can be seen as a vast and complex system of interdependence and interconnectedness. 

Stars and planets affect one another across vast distances, giving rise to new combinations of matter.

Similarly, humans are social creatures living in the complex tapestry of the systems we have built, 

affecting one another in ways that we may be unaware of. We are strengthened by our communities and give strength to them - 

just like cells in a body which function to give life to the whole, while receiving what they need from the whole.

Like any body, our systems are subject to disease and difficulty. These, too, are interconnected.  

One disease can lead to another. If the cells don't see themselves as part of the same system, how can they work to fight disease?  

This collection seeks to open conversations around how  incredibly interconnected we all are,

and what that means in our attitude toward one another, toward the problems we face,

and to the systems we've built to solve them.

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