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" A twofold process, however, can be distinguished, each tending, in its own way and with an accelerated momentum, to bring to a climax the forces that are transforming the face of our planet. The first is essentially an integrating process, while the second is fundamentally disruptive."

-Shoghi Effendi



◈ What are some of the destructive forces which are assailing the world? How do we see these affecting our lives and the life of our community?
◈ What are the constructive forces which are starting to act on the world? How are they manifesting themselves?
◈ Which of these forces should we strive to be aligned with? How can we ensure that we are not unintentionally reinforcing antiquated or destructive tendencies in our own lives?
◈ How can we support one another to drive forward the forces of integration in our community?



When Elevate explored the concept of Crisis, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that when

difficult times fall upon us, they usually serve as catalysts for our personal development. Intimately tied to this idea

is what happens to us as a society, when forces which are gargantuan in their scope and global in their scale

tear at the fabric of society -- suffering, sickness, prejudice, and injustice assail us and our fellow humans on every side.

Far from discouraging us, however, far from driving us to apathy or passivity, these destructive forces remind us of the 

inadequacy of the present social order, of the deficiency of old standards, and of the insufficiency of antiquated equilibriums.

 These reminders serve to open our eyes to the need for builders of a new way, people on a path defined by courage and inclusivity,

justice, and true fellow-feeling. Inwardly assured that the forces of disintegration will annihilate the old ways,

each of us can find a way to align ourselves with the forces of construction which will shape the world to come.

It sounds like a big task, but it begins with little steps, with prayer and conversation, with a helping hand

or the boldness to reach out and be carried toward our better selves.

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